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Spot it before it’s too late

Mistakes? Misrepresentations? Not on our watch. BrandR is the monitoring tool that ensures every representation of your brand is accurate, compliant, and consistent across all reseller platforms.


Human supervision + Machine power

Our monitoring features the perfect mix: fast technology and the careful eye of a human operator, ensuring top-notch quality and quick results.


Keep troubles away

Legal risks and issues management

Avoid legal pitfalls. We catch and flag assets with expired rights, protecting you from legal risks.

Brand image misrepresentation

Say goodbye to careless displays. We ensure that every retailer represents your brand with precision.

Inefficient monitoring processes

Forget the long, costly manual monitoring. We simplify online retailer oversight, saving you time and resources.


All e-wholesale sites in one tool

Previously, brand monitoring involved long hours of manual work with Excel and resellers' site browsing, a slow and error-prone method.

BrandRail changes the game. It brings all e-wholesale monitoring under one efficient, error-free interface. One-click is all it takes for precision and swiftness.


Get to decide what KPIs matter

We adjust our monitoring to fit your brand's specific needs, whether it's for logos or website details. Our team creates solutions just for you.


Fast reports with a click

BrandRail quickly turns data into detailed reports on retailers' website performances, including non-compliances and page-specific insights, saving a week's work.


Easy Excel surveys

Just one click delivers complete surveys in .xlsx format, ready to be sent to the markets to prompt corrective actions, turning lengthy tasks into swift results.


Future opportunities

Easy product scanning

We're creating a tool that quickly scans and detects product pages, with additional features planned.

Smart image recognition

We are evaluating the integration of AI-driven image scanning to automatically check logos and assets' accuracy.

Further customization

BrandRail can be tailored to your needs, with our specialized teams ready to make custom changes.


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